Hello, my name is Forest Clinton (female). I live on a .25 acre lot in Milford, CT with my family where I attempt my homestead adventures & fun. 

My raised bed garden in Milford, CT

Here is my Super Duper Seed Swap story.....
As I stood there with the sun shining on me I was feeling alone in my garden. How is that possible? I was surrounded by sunflowers that were blooming 7 feet high, I was sweetly encouraging the ladybugs to move into the house I made them and taking in the scent of black gold, the beautiful dirt I had been lovingly amending. I was anything but alone in the garden yet there was still a connection that was missing. This feeling of being alone in my garden is what drew me to the Super Duper Seed Swap. 
The question I kept thinking about was how can we as gardeners come together yet still stay in our backyard? This is where the seed swap introduced me to a whole new possibility of gardening. If I can start by sharing seeds that I harvested from my garden and share them with a friend in his or her garden, what will come next?
The answer was amazing and continues to overwhelm me. It’s not just seeds that followed, it is a connection to a worldwide garden community that won’t ever let you feel alone.
Throughout the years of hosting the seed swap, I have swapped seeds I could have never dreamed of from Peruvian corn to heirloom tomatoes that were saved for generations to peanuts. Each seed is a treasure of history from a fellow gardener. Each seed has a tale of the gardener that grew it with love and may have even felt lonely too. We are not alone when we share our seeds and garden together.
I have shared and learned garden stories and lessons from gardeners around the world. Sharing these have made us all better gardeners and given me a larger understanding of the world and its culture. I have been introduced to many new delicious garden recipes that have been shared. I have been inspired to create and grow more than what I thought possible for my .25 acre lot in Connecticut. I have made new lifelong friendships that I cherish.
So as the seasons' change and you rotate the garden beds, don't forget to share your love and wonder of the dirt and garden with others along the way. We become better gardeners when we share our harvest, a garden lesson learned, or swap our saved seeds.
Approach your garden as a treasured family heirloom that can be passed along from generation to generation. Take notes, pass along, and teach others. The garden becomes more rewarding this way. Your garden in your backyard becomes a treasure that you can share with the world.
This vision is what drives the #SuperDuperSeedSwap. Join us throughout the year for the seed swap & party. This swap is hosted on Instagram, Facebook, and www.SuperDuperSeedSwap.com please give us a follow to swap, meet other gardeners, and share your love of gardening.

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