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Spring Seed Swap

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Spring Seed Swap

Join other gardeners and us from across the United States in swapping seeds this Winter. You send us any 20 seed packets, and we’ll send you 20 new ones from gardeners across the country who are also participating in the swap – plus a free gift from us! Read below for all the details.

If you don't have your own seeds, don't worry! You can purchase our Seeds to Swap - Seed Swap Entry

Types of seeds you can swap: 

  • Seeds saved from your garden
  • A favorite variety you’ve purchased. 
  • New/fresh seeds only. No years-old entries, please!
  • Seeds, cuttings, and bulbs are all okay, as long as they’ll survive the journey.
  • Unusual plant varieties are loved and encouraged!

Please, no chemically treated or GMO entries.

What’s the freebie?

We love to garden and grow so much, we’ve been saving seeds all summer and fall to share with you. You’ll get a mystery packet from us as a thank you for participating!

Deadline to enter: 

Add this seed swap to your cart and check out, completing your order and postmarking your package to us by April 7th, 2023.  We will mail your seeds to the address you give us in your online order (not to the return label on your package). Ship your seeds to: 

Super Duper Seed Swap
P.O. Box 716
Newtown, CT 06404

The order confirmation email you receive will also contain this address plus instructions.

How to make your seed packets: 

Your seed packets can be homemade or purchased. You can use different materials for each package or make them all the same! Past seed swappers have used coin envelopes, paper baggies, blank seed packets, recycled materials, and even cleverly folded wrapping paper. Whether you make a beautiful, Instagram-worthy design, or go a more utilitarian route, make sure your seeds will be nicely contained.  

    Make sure to include this info on your seed packets:

    • The name of the seed variety you are sharing and any special growing instructions.
    • If you know it, USDA hardiness zone information and days to maturity
    • If you want, your name or social media handle, so recipients can give you a follow!
    • Recipes or a story behind the seeds you are sharing, if you like!

    How many seeds per envelope?

    We recommend a minimum of 5-10 seeds per packet, depending on the type of seed. The smaller the seed, the more you should include. Please send enough to make sure your recipient will germinate at least a few plants! They’ll want to harvest and save future seeds of their own.

    Additional Seed Swap Information: 

    • Feel free to send more than twenty. We always appreciate receiving more than 20 seed packs, because sometimes there are mishaps in the mail and some entries are ruined!
    • Order online before you mail in your seeds. Please ship your seed package to the P.O. box listed above only AFTER purchasing the seed swap here. Once you sign up, you will receive an order confirmation email.
    • You will not receive a reminder to ship your seeds. Please note the date listed above and plan accordingly. We understand that "life happens," so please email us if you cannot meet the deadline or need to drop out, and we will refund you.
    • Your return seed package will ship once we receive all entries and sort and repackage them, usually within a few weeks.
    • We will email you tracking information once your return seed swap package has shipped, so you’ll know to sit on the edge of your seat! 

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