Yellow Calendula Flower
Garden bed of Calendula flowers
Flashback Calendula flower
Drying Calendula flowers

Calendula Flower Seeds

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Calendula flower seeds are one of our absolute favorite plants to grow! It's a medicinal herb with excellent uses topically, and internally (in teas), and the beautiful flowers keep coming. The more you pinch those flowers off, the more new ones you'll get!  We dry our calendula flowers and use them to infuse the oils in our handmade salve and our lemongrass egg yolk soap.

We grow various Calendula flowers, including Pacific Beauty, Ball's Orange, Orange Button, the vintage-vibe Flashback Blend, and others! We throw all the seeds in together, so you'll have a fun mix.

Other websites will tell you the plant reaches about 15" in height, but we can grow ours to nearly 2 feet tall 'cause we have special plant magic. How tall can you get YOUR calendula flower seeds to grow? 

Minimum Seed Count: 15

Growing Instructions for Calendula Flower Seeds

  • Direct sow calendula flower seeds in full sun once the danger of frost has passed. Or start 6-8 weeks indoors before the last frost date.
  • Calendula isn't too picky in terms of soil, thriving in a wide range of conditions, but ours DO seem to enjoy a healthy dose of chicken poo fertilizer!
  • In addition, we find that Calendula plants love to be crowded. Feel free to plant them every few inches.
  • Finally, gently cover seeds lightly with soil and water after sowing.

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