Super Duper Seed Swap - October 2020

Super Duper Seed Swap - October 2020

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Let's swap! Please make 20 individual seed packet and postmark by October 15th, 2020. 

About the seeds: Seed packets can be different or the same!  They can be saved seeds from your garden or seeds you bought.  Please only use viable seeds (Ie: Don’t use seeds that have been lying around for 15 years.)

Please, no chemically treated or GMO seeds. Unusual seeds encouraged!

Making your seed packets: Include the name of the seed and any special growing instructions on the packet.  Zone information, days to maturity, etc would all be helpful if you know it, too.  You can put them in small envelopes or make your own…Have fun but no need to be crafty if it's not your thing. 

Seed Swap Information: Please ship your seed package to the P. O box listed below by October 15th, 2020 only AFTER you have signed up through the website. You will receive an order confirmation email.

You will not receive any additional email reminders or instructions to ship your seeds. 

Once I receive your seeds and check them in, I will send you an email confirmation.

Your return seed packages will ship once I receive all the seed swappers packages and can begin the sorting. 

Please ship to:

Super Duper Seed Swap

P.O. Box 3394

Milford, CT 06460

***COVID-19 INFO*** Please do not sign up to participate in this round of seed swapping if you or any member of your household is currently sick with COVID -19 OR if you or any member of your household is under quarantine. Thank you for your understanding while keeping everyone safe and healthy. We look forward to swapping with you in future seed swaps! 

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