Egyptian Walking Onion - Top Set Bulbs
Walking Onions
Walking Onion top-set bulbs
Walking Onion

Egyptian Walking Onion - Top Set Bulbs

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Walking Onions are one of the easiest onions to grow! Plant the top bulbs in about 1-2 inches of soil with 4-5 inches of spacing between each bulb. Walking onions prefer full sun and well-drained soil. You will receive 5 top-set bulbs in this package.

You can harvest this plant twice a year if you plant accordingly. Plant top-set bulbs in the fall for a spring harvest and then replant the new growth top-set bulbs in late spring/early summer for a fall harvest. 

You can eat the smaller top bulb and also the larger underground onion. The green onion leaves can be dried and made into onion powder.  

Be patient with these bulbs, they can often take some time to sprout their greens. 

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